1 Microsoft Way, Redmond – what is here

1 Microsoft Way, Redmond is one of the most searched locations in maps services all over the world. And for a simple reason: is the HQ of one of the largest companies in the whole world! Find out what is in this location, how to get there, and what to be expected, right here. Read below!

Finding 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond

1 Microsoft Way, Redmond is no less than the address of one of Microsoft’s buildings and offices. These are actually Microsoft headquarters! The location is placed in a suburban place of Seattle, and it hosts one of the biggest companies in the world since 1986 – even before the company went public.

The grounds are known as the Microsoft Campus. It is estimated to be over 8 million square foot wide. It encompass office spaces and hosts over 4000 employees at once! And if you are wondering if you have to be on payroll to visit this place, read this. The campus contains a visitor center with interactive exhibits, and even a store that is completely open to the public!

How to get to 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond

The Microsoft Campus is located by the State Route 520 freeway. It is actually located to both sides of the freeway, and the company even paid part of the costs to create an overpass over the freeway to relieve congestion on other cross streets in the city. This means you can actually drive in there to visit the place!

Don’t have a car? Worry not. You can take a city bus (there are especial lines, including a commuter bus called “The Connector”) and you can even be a little active and walk there. There’s also a shutter bus services that can take you there!

How to do it

First thing to do is to locate the address in your map service or GPS device. Click here to find out how to find 1 Microsoft Way at Mapquest, easy and quick. Then, you are welcome to visit Microsoft Headquarters and even get some cool souvenirs from the store!

Forget about raiding Area 51: 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, is truly the place you want to go check out this year!

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