Kum and Go Find a Store: exactly what you need!

Kum and Go Find a Store is a great service to rely on when need to find a great store near you. Simple, easy to use, and updates with the best information you need. And much, much more! Read this short article below and learn all you need to know about it.

What is Kum & Go

Kum & Go is a convenience store chain from the United States. Based in Des Moines (Iowa), it now operates over 400 stores across 11 states, primarily from the midwestern US. It was ranked as the 23rd largest convenience store chain in the country in 2010.

Created in 1959 by William Krause and Tony gentle, the point of the store was to ‘allow people buy gas and groceries’ in the nicest environment possible. This meant paying special attention to the physical aspects of the stores too, ensuring their customers they’ll be treated ‘like a friend’ in clean, friendly environments all over their stores.

What is Kum and Go Find a Store exactly?

Kum and Go Find a Store is a special feature you can find in the company’s website. It allows users and visitors to find the nearest store, based if desired in the device’s current location (when GPS and geo localization features enabled).

You can also search a store by location (city, ZIP code, state) by entering the search parameters into the search box. This is highly convenient when planning a road trip!

What else can you find?

But it is a bit more than just a map to finding stores, actually. The platform allows you to set special parameters to fit into your search. These include:

  • Type of fuel (E85, eBlend, Diesel and Semi-Truck Fiel)
  • Foods available (pizza and fresh foods)
  • Beverages (f’Real, Growlers fills and more)
  • Video rentals
  • Seating area
  • Wi-Fi

Upon setting your search preferences, the stores will be displayed in clean, simple cards that’ll show you their location, telephone number, and what you can find there – displayed in easy-to-understand icons too!

You can see their working hours, a convenient map to find the stores, their features available, and more.

How to use this service

To use the Kum and Go Find a Store all you need to do is follow this link here, and enter your search preferences by ZIP code, state or city. Everything you need to know is right there, waiting for you to find out!

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