All you want to know about Bing Images

Bing Images might be just what you need to create the most appealing school or work report, or a project, or even your design. Whether you are working or just having fun, these search results could save you time, energy, and give you exactly what you need – right when you need it. Read this short article and find out all you need to know about Bing Images, right below.

How does Bing Images work

True to its mission of being a ‘decision engine’, Bing Images are meant to give you the most directly connected results for all your searches. This helps you save time, giving you only images related and connected to your search specifications, thus avoiding the dreadful task of having to sort out wrong results.

Bing Images has a very simple layout that makes it so much easier to find the images you need. These results are displayed in a clean, easy-to-see way. Just try it for yourself: open Bing Images site, type any word or combination of words you can think of, and enjoy the magic!

Getting the right image you need

After performing the search, you can filter your results using the funnel icon located to the far right of the screen. You can filter results by:

  • Image size: 5 preset modes, plus the option to manually set the exact size you need.
  • Color: solid colors or black and white images.
  • Type: filter by photography, predesigned image, line vector, animated GIF and translucent type.
  • Design: Sort by square, wide or vertical images.
  • People: Get images that show only faces, heads and shoulders, or all.
  • Date: Choose the date of the image’s posting by last 24 hours, last week, last month, last year, or no date.
  • License: Filter your results by their use licenses, including royalty-free and public domain.

Note you can set your Safe Search mode too, by Strict, Moderated, or None.

How to use your results

Once you have filtered your search results, pose your mouse cursor above the image to see more options. These include getting the image basic information,  performing a Visual search, Save the image, Share the image, and even report it.

Click once over the image to get even more options. These include classifying the image as similar to other, getting the websites and contents that have used that image, and getting similar results. There’s much more to discover on Bing Images! Surf the web and find the best images with Bing Images following this link here.

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