How to get the most out of Bing Maps

Bing Maps is gaining more and more fans by the hour! It is no wonder: this service offers a simple yet highly efficient interface that not only allows you to find your destination and preferred route there, but also get great information about places, opinions, and more. Read this article below and find out more about this awesome service you’ll want to check each time you leave your house!

What is Bing Maps

Bing Maps is a web mapping service offered by Bing, one of the leader the search engines in the world. This service is powered by the Bing Maps for Enterprise framework, and it was formerly known as Live Search Maps (after Windows Live Maps, Windows Live Local, and MSN Virtual Earth).

Free to access and use, this mapping service allows you to search for locations in many cities around the world. This is not only great for when you need to go to a new place and don’t know the best route there. It also shows points of interest and important points in your route or area, including metro stations, hospitals, police stations, stadiums, and more.

Users can also add points of interest in the map, to be seen by other users. This way, you can easily display the location of your business, or other locations.

How can you see maps and routes

There are currently 5 view styles available:

  • Road View: Is the default view setting. It displays vector imagery or roads, geography and buildings.
  • Aerial View: This view overlays satellite imagery onto the regular map. It highlights landmarks and roads too. An interesting fun-fact about this view is you actually can’t view military bases or other sensitive areas, as requested by certain governments.
  • Bird’s Eye View: This view type displays aerial imagery captured by an aircraft at an oblique 45-degree angle. This way, it shows the sides of the buildings and their roofs, giving an improved sense of perception of the geography.
  • Streetside: This view is as close as you can get to actually be in the place you are searching in your Bing Maps. It provides 360-degree imagery at street-level. The experience is very similar as being actually driving the road or walking the street you are viewing in Bing Maps!
  • 3D View: 3D Bing Maps allows you to see the scenario in 3D, with the ability to rotate your view, in addition to panning and zooming where allowed.

More Bing Maps features

There’s much more you can do with Bing Maps. Just to name a few, you can enjoy the Venue Maps view. This view allows you to see the layout of over 5300 venues from around the world. Talking about a private walk in a Museum! This view includes airports, amusement parks, convention centers, malls, museums, hospitals, racetracks, resorts, stadiums, universities, zoos and more.

You can “travel” the roads and get walking, driving and transit directions and information – including public transportation routes, hours and more. However, keep in mind transit directions are only allowed in 11 cities at the moment.

Make sure to visit the link provided below and explore Bing Maps, and all you can find in there!

How to access and use Bing Maps Just follow this link to access your Bing Maps main portal. Make sure to choose your preferred settings, and start exploring the whole world without leaving your couch!

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