How to start with Microsoft Excel: start here

Want to learn how to start with Microsoft Excel? Then don’t leave this page. Here you’ll find the best, the easiest, and the most convenient way to get started with one of the best and most popular data sheet softwares in the world. Read this article below! All about Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel is a […]

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Azure DevOps Documentation: all you need is right here

Looking for Azure DevOps Documentation? Then you are in the exact right place to be. Find everything you need, the easy way, with the information you’ll find right here, in the short article below. Read on! What is Azure DevOps Azure DevOps provides you with development collaboration tools. These include H¿high-performance pipelines, Git repositories, Kanban […]

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Forgot password at Microsoft: what to do now?

Microsoft Accounts allows you to have everything at reach, from wherever you are. All you need to do is access your account to have everything right there, waiting for you. However… What to do when you Forgot password at Microsoft? The answer is simple: You need to read this short article below! Step by step […]

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Microsoft OneDrive: all your files, all the time

Microsoft OneDrive might be just the best resource for students, researchers, and everyday people who want to have access to all their files, all the time. Pictures, videos, music, movies, reports, spreadsheets, and even homemade films about your last vacations… everything will be at your reach wherever you are, using any device, all the time. […]

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mail at abc@microsoft comhttps://support microsoft com/en-us/help/4468233/cortana-and-privacy-microsoft-privacy

Cortana not hearing me at Windows 2010: what to do

“Hey guys, Cortana not hearing me at Windows 2010. What can I do to fix it?”. This is just one of the many (many) messages we got over the last few days, involving the Cortana service and a very common complaint. Windows 10 recent updates have messed up several services in computers and devices all […]

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