How to use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots?

Want to learn how to use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots quick and easy? Then you are in the right place. This simple tool will change the way you share contents right from your screen. Easy to work, simple to use, and exactly what you were looking for. Read this article below to learn how to get this tool, how to use it, and what you can do with it!

What is the Snipping Tool

The snipping tool, as its name suggests, is a convenient tool that allows you to take screen captures with a twist: It allows you to select the exact part of your screen you wish to capture, and in fun shapes too!

This tool can be used with Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Click the Start button and search for the Snipping Tool in your operating system. If you haven’t the tool installed, you can get it by doing a simple Internet search for it.

How to use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots

Once installed or located, open the Snipping Tool in your device. Again: click on the Start button, search for the tool in the search bar, and click over it to open it.

To capture a snip (a screen part you want to save or share), open the Mode Menu and choose the shape of snip you want to take from your screen.

  • You can capture your whole screen (Full-screen Snip option)
  • You can capture a specific Window (Window snip option), selecting the active window, a menu, or others.
  • You can capture a specific part of your screen (Rectangular Snip option) by dragging your cursor ‘around’ the screen part you want to capture.
  • You can capture a part of your screen with an exact shape (Free-Form Snip option).

Once captured, the image will be automatically copied to the Snipping Window. You can then edit it, crop it, save it in your preferred location and share it.

One fun option of this tool is you can take little notes over it. After getting your image, select the Pen tool or the Highlighter Tool in your Snipping Tool window. Write or draw over the image, and save it. You have an Eraser tool too, to make sure your edit is just right.


Hiding important data

When capturing web pages or bowser images and save them as HTML files, most people need to hide the URL from the image, displayed below. To do so, go to Options and make sure the ‘Include URL below snips (HTML only)’ is not activated. Then select OK.

How to copy a menu or dialog box

Capture a specific window or box without dragging your cursor. To do so, you need to open the window or menu, and then the keys CTRL (Control) and PRTSCN (Print Screen) simultaneously. Then choose the shape you want for the capture to crop the image of your full screen.

What to do with your snips

You can save them in your preferred location to send them via email, print the, or work with them. You can also share your snips using the Send Snip option from the Snipping Tool window, selecting the different options available. Learn the different keyboard shortcuts and more useful data clicking here.

My camera does not work in Windows 10, what can I do?

If your camera does not work in Windows 10, your fist impulse might be to throw it away and curse in several languages. Wait! Don’t think there’s no hope for you! There are several things you can do to fully enjoy your camera when using Windows 10 – and there are lots of cool things you can do with it!

Read this article below and follow the steps recommended to fix your camera in a matter of minutes.

Why is my camera not working?

Provided your camera isn’t physically broken after a fall down or a big bump, there are several reasons why it can be not functioning. Cameras not working on Windows 10 are most commonly due to some drivers missing. Drivers are a group of files that enable hardware devices to properly function, and proper communicating with the Operating System, in this case Windows 10.

Drivers can be altered or gone missing after operating systems updates, privacy settings changes, or even your antivirus or your anti malware software acting up on them, blocking these files in an attempt to prevent further issues.

What can I do if my camera does not work on Windows 10?

First thing is to check why your camera does not work on Windows 10, and then follow the recommended steps below:

1. Privacy settings: allowing access to your device

After a Windows Update, you need to give your apps and programs permission to use your camera again. To do so, press the Start button, then Settings – Privacy – Camera. Turn on ‘Allow apps to access your camera’. Note: if the option seems unable, you need to enable it back by activating the ‘Allow access to camera on this device’ option.

Once the access to your camera is allowed, make sure to select the apps you wish to have access to your camera by moving the selecting bar to the On position.

2. Is your antivirus software the issue?

If the first option proved to be useful and your camera is still not working, open up your antivirus program panel. Go to Settings (may vary depending of the software you are using) and search for the Cameras options. Grant permissions wherever needed. 

elloohttps://support microsoft com/en-us/help/13753/windows-10-camera-does-not-work 

3. Checking your camera’s drivers

Once again, your camera’s drivers might be just outdated. This is very simple to fix. Click the Start button, and access the Device Manager. Then search your device in the Imaging devices or Sound, video and game controllers. Right click the name of your device, and choose Properties, then the Driver tab, and then Driver Details. 

If you see a file which name includes “stream.sys”, it means your camera was designed before Windows 7, and sadly you’ll need to replace it with a newer one.

If you don’t see such file, the next step is to roll back your camera driver. Go back to the Device Manager, right-click on your camera, and select Properties. Go to the Driver tab, and select ‘Roll Back Driver’. Choose Yes. Restart your computer and try using your camera once again.

4. Nothing worked. What now?

If none of these recommended steps has worked for you, try uninstalling your camera and install it back again. Go to the Device Manager, right-click on your webcam, and chose Properties. Select the Driver tab, and then Uninstall – Delete the driver software for this device. Press OK. Go back to the Device Manager, go to Action, and choose Scan for hardware changes. The system will re-install drivers. Restart your computer and check your camera once more.

My camera isn’t in the Device manager menu

If you can’t find your camera in the Device Manager menu, open the Action menu and choose Scan for hardware changes. The system will reinstall updated drivers. Then restart your computer and try to use your camera.  If you encounter any other issues, and your camera does not work on Windows 10 after implementing these steps, make sure to visit the Help page here.

Windows Help: all you need to know

Windows can be a strange creature from time to time. There are plenty of options, features, and it can all be a little bit overwhelming! Fortunately, help is on the way: here you’ll find everything you need to know to make Windows Help work in your favor. No more wondering what to do next!

The Help Encyclopedia

First thing to know is Microsoft offers a great deal of knowledge bases you can consult to find out almost every answer you need. Windows Help can be truly amazing for finding information – And can be a little ‘too much’ on occasions, especially when the one consulting isn’t too much of a techie!

Microsoft Support offers all needed information in a convenient summary-style menu you can consult. All you need to do is to follow each link provided, and get the help you need. There are tons of categories there, including:

estaurants near mehttps://support microsoft com/en-us/hub/4338813/windows-help?os=windows-10 

What if I can’t find what I need?

Don’t worry about a thing! Windows Help can help you too. And, of course, there are some options here too.

You can create a support request by department, submitting your contact information and request, so the nice people from Windows Help can reach out to you and help you out. And you can contact them in a live chat, using this big blue button here.

And they are also proud of their In Store help desk. Find out stores and help desks near you, here.

Your opinion is heard!

In the bottom-right corner of your screen, you’ll find a little box asking you if what you have read in the article and answer has been useful. You can click the buttons Yes or No. Bu clicking No, you can leave your comment and suggestions, or the issue you need specific help with. And what’s cool about this? They can reach out to you to help you too!

Use the menu. Get all the answers you need. And say good bye to your Windows doubts, for good!

Learn more about Windows Help following this link.