All you need to know about Google Chrome

New to Google Chrome? Thinking about making this switch, and need more reasons to do so? Well, with what you’ll read here, your mind will be at ease: Google Chrome is certainly the way to go! Read this short article and find out why.

What is exactly Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a ‘cross-platform web browser’ developed by no other than Google, the Internet supergiant. It was first released back in 2008 and, since then, it has only grown. Both in popularity and in world-wide reach.

For the more techy of our readers: Know that most of Google Chrome’s source code comes from the open-source Chori¿mium project by Google, though Chrome itself is licensed as a proprietary freeware.

A few details to convince you

If you are still unsure to switch to Google Chrome, maybe this will convince you. It is estimated that Chrome as a 71% worldwide browser market share on traditional computers (PC). Plus, it holds a 63,34% share across platforms. With that many loyal users, there must be something great going on there, don’t you think?

Besides being absolutely free to install and use, it provides safe search results and integrated apps and features. Furthermore, Google Chrome is also available in no less than 47 languages. Oh, yes: and it is available from almost every part of the Internet-freely connected world.

A fun fact about its curious name

Many ask themselves about the name Chrome. There are many popular theories behind that. However, Glen Murphy, the Design Lead at Chrome, said this:

“We had a ‘pick a codename’ vote early in the development cycle – the names that came of that competition were so terrible that we were all pretty happy when one of the leads overrode it and declared that the codename would be ‘Chrome’, presumably because he likes fast cars. When it came time to pick a real name for the product for shipping, we stuck with ‘Chrome’ because:

During development, we’d all come to love the product deeply, and new names had a hard time breaking and bettering the associations we’d already formed with the codename.

As our lead did, people associated it with speed – shiny fast engines and cars.

In design terminology, ‘chrome’ refers to the non-webpage parts of the browser’s interface – the toolbars, tabs and buttons – because our design philosophy was “Content, not chrome” – putting our focus on minimizing the amount of browser UI present, we felt it cheekily appropriate to name the browser Chrome.

Also, I personally like it because of its relation to ‘chroma’ and ‘chromatic’ – I love the cacophony of colors that those words imply, and how that relates to the beautiful range of design across the web.”

How can I get Google Chrome?

Make sure to follow this link to download Chrome to your device. Enjoy one of the best Internet browsing and surfing experiences you’ll ever get!

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