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Enjoying music and contents online can be great and relaxing, or can be a true nightmare when troubles arise. If you are seeking for some Groove Music and OneDrive FAQ and help, then make sure you read this full article below. No more problems, and all the enjoyment you can get from these great platforms, right here!

So long, Groove Music

Groove Music was one of the darlings in the music online world for a while. Their users were truly sad to learn the streaming services was about to be discontinued on March 31st, 2019. But there were some good news for all: the service was actually going to be merged with OneDrive. This would allow Groove Music users to continue enjoying their lists and all their favorite songs using the OneDrive web player, including the option to store and download their music to their devices when allowed.

However, if you haven’t use the OneDrive app or web player before, you might be a little lost on how to proceed. But fear not, there are plenty of resources online ready to help you keep enjoying all your tunes – the easy way.

Groove Music and OneDrive FAQ

The OneDrive web player is a fast, simple and convenient online platform to play all your stored songs and videos. It supports many types of files, including 3g2, 3GP, ASF, BMP, M2TS, M4V, MOV, MP3, MP4, MP4V, MTS, TS and WMV. Unsupported file types can be downloaded to your device to be enjoyed when the platform can’t run them too.

There’s more to be done in the OneDrive web player. You can hear and see your files, but also share them, download them, mark them in lists and much more. You can access the OneDrive web player and get the app for free following this link.

What to do next

Install the OneDrive App using the link above, and access your account, Note you need Windows 10 or higher or Xbox One to enjoy your contents in this platform.

After signing in, you can set your preferred settings and access your previous Groove Music contents (with the same account), and follow the online instructions to have a better user experience until you are fully familiarized with this app. Need more help? Make sure to visit this page to get all the info you need about Groove Music and OneDrive FAQ, and then some more!

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