All you need to know about Google Policies: Privacy and terms

The Google Policies: Privacy and terms are a long, long read. However, these are important pieces of information you need to be aware about! They rule the way you are able to use their services or products, and even the proper conduct you need to display in social sites owned or accessed under specific circumstances. So you need to be very much aware of these rules! Read below and find out all you need to know. 

What are the Google Policies: Privacy and terms

The Google Policies: Privacy and terms are the set of rules and conditions that regulate your use and access to all and any of the Google websites, contents, products and services. They describe everything you are supposed to do, what you can use the contents and services for (and how to). Plus, they also describe your rights when dealing with Google and any of their subsidiaries. This include the way they can use your own personal information!

It is important to be aware of all of these terms.

You don’t need to remember them by heart. However, you need to keep in mind these terms include the usage of your information. So it is never a bad idea to at least have a clue about it!

mail at abc@microsoft.com

Special points to consider

When accessing the Google Policies: Privacy and terms website, you’ll find its main categories. They are as follow:

  • Privacy policy: Explains how they gather your information, why they do so, and how they treat, update, and store it.
  • Service conditions: Includes the rules you implicitly accept when accessing or using Google’s services.
  • Google Security Center: Includes the safety measures, tools and integrated privacy tools in place.
  • And much more, including important information about your Google Account and information, an more.

Where to read the Google Policies: Privacy and terms

Take a quick break. Get yourself a cup of coffee or some nice tea. And then, make sure you read the full Google Policies: Privacy and terms documents, to know if you are being compliant with them. Follow this link now, and be safe!

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