Chimu Adventures: the Latin America and Polar specialists

Live for today. That’s what Chimu Adventures: the Latin America and Polar specialists invite you to do to discover the world with new eyes. Their love and devotion for the beautiful regions of Latin America and the Poles will make it possible for you to really see the world in a way you never before thought possible! Read below and find out more.

Who is Chimu?

Chimu is the creation of Chad Carey and Greg Carter, two passionate adventurers that fell in love with latin America and the Poles. Frustrated by the inflexibility in the travel modes available to these regions, they created this incredible website to make the world a better, and closer place to all visitors.

This Australia-based company offers diverse itineraries to Latin America’s most beautiful destinations for adventure experiences. They soon added cruises and experiences to the Arctic and Antarctica too! But these are not just another trip… it is truly a discovery adventure you’ll want to learn more about.

Chimu’s values

The company’s values are based in their love and respect for each destination, their culture, and the environment. They have a ‘CLEAR’ goal in mind…

  • Collaborate: Work with colleagues and partners to achieve extraordinary outputs
  • Live outside the box: Push boundaries and be a market leader in everything we do
  • Endorse every success: Be proud of all we achieve in every aspect of our work
  • Assist with passion: Be encouraging to everyone we encounter
  • Respect all living things: Our planet is our home. The creatures, our neighbours – preserve it all.

Start your journey with Chimu Adventures: the Latin America and Polar specialists

First thing to do is visiting their website to learn more about them. Upon choosing a destination, you’ll be assigned a personal Destination Specialist. They’ll provide you with everything you and your travel needs. From flight booking to travelers insurance, and everything in between.

Don’t waste another second. Follow this link to find out much more about Chimu Adventures: the Latin America and Polar specialists, and start planning your next adventure!

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