one of the world’s most used weather info service ever!

Trying to know if you should take a jacket or your rain umbrella to work? Most probably your first action will be to access a well-known website. And there’s no surprise there: might very well be the most used weather info service of the whole world!

Read this short article below to find out all you need to know about this great service, and how to get the most out of it – the easy way. Read on!

What is is the official website of the well-known The Weather Channel, an American pay television channel owned by a subsidiary company of Entertainment Studios. This channel broadcasts weather forecasts, news and analysis, along tips and trick to deal with the weather local conditions, in a fun and appealing manner.

But it is not all about the weather forecast. Their programming includes interesting documentaries and fun facts and comments, all related to the weather and the weather conditions.

Why visit their website?

By visiting you’ll find the weather data you need and easy-to.-read forecasts for your determined city – and you can find cities from all over the world! These facts are updated constantly, and they are the most up-to.-date pieces of information you can get.

Though downloading the Weather Channel app might be the best option to keep track and be instantly notified about weather-related events, visiting this website has many perks too. Specially if you are accessing the site using a big screen device, such as a desktop or laptop computer, a wide-screen tablet device, and even your smart TV.

How to use the site?

First thing to do is access the site using this link. Find in the upper-right corner a map icon, and click on it to find your Continent-Country and preferred language. You’ll find other options too, including the display of the information in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees.

In the upper-left corner of your screen you’ll find a text box. Start typing your city name (or the city you want to get the info about) and choose your option from the list. Note the list updates automatically with every character you submit.

Right on the screen you’ll be able to see all the news, and warnings about weather events if there are any in place.

To find out the weather forecast, use the menu above, selecting by Today, Hourly, 5 Day, 10 Day, Weekend forecasts, Monthly forecasts, and Maps with imagery. Note at far right of this menu you’ll find a More Forecasts options – here you can find a very useful Allergy Tracker, and useful data for Boat & Beach, Farming, Fishing, Colds & Flu, and even Ski forecasts. Just click over each option to display all the information right on your screen.

Oh! And scroll down to see the exact hour and minute of each day you can expect to see the sun rising and setting, and the moon rising and setting too!

Find out all you can learn and discover using the website and get the most accurate weather forecast following this link here.

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