Microsoft OneDrive: all your files, all the time


Microsoft OneDrive might be just the best resource for students, researchers, and everyday people who want to have access to all their files, all the time. Pictures, videos, music, movies, reports, spreadsheets, and even homemade films about your last vacations… everything will be at your reach wherever you are, using any device, all the time. Read below and find out much more.

What is Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting and synchronization service operated by microsoft. It is a part of Microsoft’s web version of Office – Office 365. This service allows users to store almost all sort of files and personal data on the cloud – thus, all data is accessible from wherever you are, at all times!

Microsoft OneDrive offers 5 GB of storage space completely free of charge to all users – these are people who have a Microsoft Account, also free of charge. Their offer adds many other types of plans, including 50Gb, 1Tb or even 5Tb of storage space, and multiple free and paid features.

Microsoft OneDrive plans

At the time this article was written, Microsoft OneDrive plans are as follows:

  • OneDrive Basic. 5Gb of storage space to all Microsoft Account, Outlook, Live (and other) account holders. Storage only.
  • OneDrive 100Gb. 100Gb of storage space. Storage only. Monthly paid. $1,99/mo.
  • Office 365 Personal. 6Tb of storage space. Monthly and yearly paid – $6.99/mo or $69.99/ye. Storage and special features.
  • Office 365 Home. 6Tb (1000Gb per user, up to 6 users) of storage space. Monthly and yearly paid – $9.99/mo or $99.99/ye. Storage and special features.
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Why use Microsoft OneDrive?

When creating your account, all your stored files will be at your reach from wherever you are. You can also access your account using any device too! All you need to dfo is access your account, and all your files with be there, at your reach.

You can also choose to enable the offline access to your files. This is awesome for those times you need to keep working when Internet signal isn’t available – or when you want to fly low and unseen till you end that report 😉

Plus, all your files will be safely stored. Power out in the middle of your work? Worry not: Microsoft OneDrive has your back, with automated savings to all your activity, changes control, and restore to previous versions of your file to automatically go back to a certain point in your work of report.

Get started right now!

Don’t waste a minute more. Access all your files, and keep everything organized and at hand using the great services of Microsoft OneDrive. Follow this link to access to your Microsoft account (or use other credentials) to start.

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