What is Microsoft Advertising?

Over the last months you’ve probably heard lots about Microsoft Advertising. People are swearing by it, telling you all sorts of stories of success for their business thanks to the wonders of Microsoft Advertising. And you want to surf that wave too! Keep reading and learn everything you need to know. It could be the exact thing your business needs to achieve great success!

What is Microsoft Advertising, exactly

Have you ever noticed when searching for your next vacation destination online, soon enough you start seeing online ads for cruises, hotels and airplane deals? While some might wonder if they are being spied by big agencies, the reason is much simpler than that. It is called online advertising, and it isn’t nearly as intriguing as they might imagine.

Microsoft Advertising is one of the true ‘culprits’ behind this. It is a platform that allows advertisers to target their campaigns, focusing on people that have shown interest in a related theme regarding their offer or business.

When a user performs a search on Microsoft Search Network (AKA, almost any web search), the system automatically starts running. To put it in simpler words: it tags the user as interested in ‘something’. If that ‘something’ relates to the categories selected for a particular ad, the system recognizes it has to show that ad to the user. This platform allows advertisers to reduce their exposition costs, displaying their ads specifically to interested users. That is convenient!

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How does it work?

Microsoft Advertising allows you to customize ads to your best target audience. Tit works both on apps, Xbox, network, search engine marketing, video, mobile, multi-screen, social, and more. It targets displays by several criteria too. These include ads extensions, location, interests and more. What’s more, it allows advertisers to track user’s activities, pin pointing best converting pages, most popular sites and ads, length of interactions, and much more.

Microsoft Advertising allows targeting by ads extensions. This is perhaps the most convenient tool available. These extensions include, but are not limited to:

  • Site extensions: leads audiences to specific pages in your site.
  • Call extensions: allows live interactions between your business and your potential clients.
  • Location extensions: Allows live interaction in person with potential clients near your business.
  • App extensions: Improves app downloads to improve your potential client’s experience with your business.
  • Opinion extensions: Allows sharing of your most favorable opinions from trusted sources, improving your business’ public image.

By focusing ads display to your preferred target audience, only good things can happen to you. Not only reducing the costs per display but the costs per click too, attracting more traffic to your site, improve your conversion rates, and achieving your goals in a fraction of time.

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Right to business: how much does this cost?

With everything you have read so far, it is highly probable you are ready to start using Microsoft Advertising. There’s only one question left in your mind: the cost of this great service.

There’s some good news here! The way this platform works helps you to easily manage your advertising budget, in a very convenient way. Yu set your own budget, and establish the amount of money you wish to invest in each ad and campaign. Plus, you don’t pay until users start clicking your ads! Plus, there are tons of payment methods. Paypal, check, wire, and plastics are allowed here. You are in control here!

So, the only thing left is to sign up for Microsoft Advertising, and see your rates improve with great targeted ads displayed before you’re your desired audience’s eyes! Visit this page to read more.

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