Linking your phone and PC help: step by step guide

Need a little linking your phone and PC help? Then you are in the right place. Read this short article below and get the best and most convenient step by step guide to link your app and your computer, the easy way. Read on!

What is Your Phone and what it can do

Your Phone is a Windows 10 app – and a great one too! It allows you to really sync and link both of your devices –your phone and your computer- to have all your contents at your fingertips and share files, websites and contents too. Ever found a great resource in your phone and then had to manually search it on your computer? Well, say goodbye to that – for good!

To use the Your Phone app you need a PC running with Windows 10 (1709 or April 2018 update) or later and a smartphone running with Android 7.0 or later. Use an iPhone? Worry not, dear friend. You’ll be also able to use this great app!

Which phones are allowed

You can use the Your Phone app with Windows, iPhones and Android phones.

  • When using Android phones, just follow the steps below to
    use the Your Phone app and you’re your devices in only a few seconds.

  • When using iPhone, use the Your Phone app using the
    Continue to PC app to send webpages to your computer the easiest way possible.

  • When using Windows phone, note your devices will already be
    linked through your Microsoft Account.

How to link your devices

On your computer, click the Start button, select Settings, and then Phone. Note this option will be available only in Windows 10 version 1709 or later. If you don’t see this option, make sure to update your Windows 10.

Select the Add a phone option, and follow the instructions on screen. This will help you you’re your devices and will offer you some linking your phone and PC help too. You’ll get a text message in your phone, from the nice folks at Microsoft. Open that text and follow the link to open the Google Play Store or App Store to get your app. Install the app.

Once installed, open the app, sign in with your Microsoft Account, and enjoy the show.

Need more linking your phone and PC help

If you need linking your phone and PC help, please follow this link and find troubleshooting tips and further assistance.

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