Microsoft Services Agreement: all you need to know

The Microsoft Services Agreement is one of those long documents almost no one cares to read through. Top to bottom, it has over 15200 words inside. Who has the time to read such a document?! Well, we know you have a busy life, and that’s why we have everything you need to know about this Agreement, right here in this article below. Read on!

The Microsoft Terms Agreement, as they state, cover “the use of those Microsoft consumer products, websites, and services”. This means they rule over all your activities with the company and their products, services and contents. That is a serious deal!

First thing to know is you access these terms just by using or accessing their websites, your Microsoft Account, or any (and all) of their contents and products. Without even signing anything. Without even knowing it. Just like that, you are legally governed by this agreement!

What this agreement talks about

The Microsoft Terms Agreement covers a great deal of issues, including:

  • Your privacy and contents. This is all information the company may have from you, from your use of their products and services, your public profile, even your purchases online. Make sure to read our article about the Microsoft Privacy Statement to learn more.
  • The accepted Code of Conduct that governs your online behavior. You could be infringing these terms if you don’t know what they allow you to do! And attention parents: there’s a whole special section about Xbox Code Of Conduct you should read about.
  • Your use of their services, products and support, plus apps and third party services. This involves all your Microsoft products, contents and services. (It even covers how to end your agreement with them)
  • Your rights regarding their service. Yes, it is not all about what you have to do, but what they have to do too!
  • Terms, Licenses and Legal obligations for both parties – you and the Company and partners. It also covers the limitation of liability and Warranties. This is important, specially when dealing with payments and financial information!
mail at abc@microsoft comhttps://www microsoft com/en-us/servicesagreement/default aspx

Note there are Service Specific Terms. This means, the own set of terms, conditions and policies for their most popular products. If you own or have an account, or even use and/or interact with any of the following, you should read this segment carefully:

  • Xbox
  • Store
  • All Microsoft Family Features
  • Skype
  • GroupMe
  • Bing
  • MSN
  • Cortana
  • Office
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Health Services
  • Digital products (including Groov, Movies, ebooks, and all sorts of contents and media platforms)
  • OneDrive
  • Microsoft rewards

Please note they show a list of 127 other covered services.

What to do next

Make sure you take the time to read, at least once in your life, the full Microsoft Services Agreement, following this link.

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