Microsoft License Terms: important information you need to know

The Microsoft License Terms are long. And we mean – long. By the term, a license is “an official permission to do, use or own something. And so, this license states the way Microsoft can use your information, or perform several actions directed to you (such as advertisement and information gathering, for instance) or involving you in different manners.

The Microsoft License Terms can vary depending on where you live and/or access your account, or use their products and services. This change due to the differences by the local governing laws, and how they can apply to either you or them.

What are the Microsoft License Terms

This document legally binds you and the Microsoft Company according to several issues. It applies to you, the Microsoft Company, and their trusted partners, subsidiaries and more parties.

The document, as they state, “describes your rights and the conditions upon which you may use the Windows software”. Though most people just uses Microsoft products and services without even paying attention to them, it is important you know what they are all about.

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But wait… when did I accepted these terms?

You may be thinking you never signed anything quite like this document. However, you would be sadly mistaking. Yu actually accept their terms and conditions just by accessing and/or using their services and products! They actually let you know this in this document… ever more reason to read it in full.

What do these terms include?

The Microsoft License Terms include the applicability of these, such as what products, services, contents and others that might constitute your use/access to them, thus accepting the terms. This basically states that you are not the owner, but are granted with a license to use and access their own contents, products and services.

It is important to note these terms also state your use/access limitations. These can include you copying contents, sharing memes and photos, and many other ‘simple’ things that could get you in trouble!

The terms include all sorts of things – To many to summarize in this little article. They state what you can and can’t do with any and all Microsoft products, services and contents, and how you can use them too.

And, of course, the Terms also include what would happen if legal problems arise from the infringement of their Terms. This is a serious issue you should know all about. So what’s our best advice to you? Simply: invest a few minutes of your life to read the Terms in full.

Your time is precious, we know. But this is an important thing to do. Not only with these Microsoft License Terms, but with any Terms of Use and Conditions or Policies from every website and software you use and/or access to. To read the Microsoft License Terms in full, please follow this link.

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