Microsoft Solitaire Premium: the most popular game ever!

Microsoft Solitaire Premium is, perhaps, the best known and most played member of the whole Microsoft Casual Games family. It has been a staple for those slow ours in the office, and a great way to spend time while waiting for dinner to be ready. Read this short article and learn more about this great and fun game!

Microsoft Casual Games

Microsoft causal games are simple and fun virtual activities you can enjoy, for free, as a part of the Microsoft pack. They are meant to entertain you in a safe and easy way. Best part of these is they can be enjoyed by people of all ages and paths of life!

The Casual Games family is composed by many great options. Solitaire might be the best-known one. However, you’ll surely also recognize the popular Microsoft Mahjong and the timeless Microsoft Minesweeper. Microsoft also offers eye-catching digital versions of other popular games, such as Word Games, Jigsaw, Bingo and more. These games can be played using almost any platform that supports Microsoft products and services, including Xbox.

Microsoft Solitaire Premium

In a manner of speak, the whole Microsoft Casual Game family may have started with the appearance of the Microsoft Solitaire Premium. This digital solitaire is truly timeless. The game itself is one of the most practiced games throughout the whole world! It is played with ships, with cards and, of course, with digital cards too – now more than ever.

Microsoft offers a free downloadable package called the Microsoft Solitaire Collection. The Premium version is being offered specially for Windows 10 users, though the game has been offered as a part of the Windows pack for more than 25 years now.

Microsoft Solitaire Premium Package

This ‘new’ version includes different game types and modalities. These include:

  •  Klondike. This one is the timeless classic solitaire version. The objective is to clear all cards from the board (screen) using one or three card draw.
  • Spider. This is the 8-column version of the solitaire game. Your goal is to clear all cards from the board in the fewest moves possible.
  • FreeCell. In this draw you have extra cards you can use to ‘move around’, in an attempt to clear all cards from the screen.
  • TriPeaks. Set cards in a sequence till you clear columns by color, and clear the screen. This is a very strategic game!
  • Pyramid. Pair up cards that add up to 13 to take them out of the screen, till the board is completely empty.

There are also some other fun things to do as a part of the Microsoft Solitaire Premium Package. These include daily challenges, Star Club points you can earn to unblock special features, and you can even choose themes and displays according to your preferences.

Remember to log into your Microsoft Account to improve your user experience and make sure your settings are set and saved.

Get more information, download, and enjoy your Microsoft Solitaire Premium following this link.

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