Microsoft Edge Tips: everything you need to know

Are you seeking some Microsoft Edge Tips? Then you are in the exact right place to be. Right here, in this article below, you’ll see everything you need to know. Read on, and improve your user experience with your Microsoft Edge right now.

What is Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is a Microsoft-developed web browser, first released for Windows 10 and Xbox One back in 2015. It got to iOS and Android by 2017, and to macOS in 2019. Among lots of perks, this web browser includes integration with Cortana and many extensions from the Microsoft Store. While it still has a lower market share and there are some kinks that need fixing, this web browser shows great promise for a near future.

Microsoft Edge Tips

As we are so accustom to see, Microsoft offers great Help and Tips menus for those in need of some assistance. By visiting the link provided bellow, you’ll get instant access to all sort of helpful tips, including clear instructions and little hacks on:

Microsoft Edge Safety Tools

Get great information on how to set your online permissions to improve your safety; Optimize your laptop battery life by managing Flash and other tools; Stop invasive pop-ups; Improve your browser privacy (including history clean up).

Microsoft Edge Organizing Tools

This menu helps you improve your user experience with this web browser. It shows you how to: Organize your contents; Manage your priority files; Enhance your password safety; Managing, printing and finding tabs; And customize your interface according to what really works best for you!

Microsoft Edge Productivity Tools

This menu here is definitely one you want to check out. It can teach you how to: Improve your focus while web surfing; Look up useful information without interruptions (like the meaning of a word, a formula, and more); Customize and personalize your web browser according to your needs; Stop videos and media contents from running in the back Sync your phone and computer for easier work on the go and at home; Activate your reading assistance (so it reads contents while you do other stuff); and much, much more. Visit this menu to learn the keyboard shortcuts and other useful tips too!

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Microsoft Edge Tips – all you need

Visit this page to see the Microsoft Edge Tips. Make sure to keep track of your learning (displayed above, to the left of the screen) so you don’t miss a thing. You’ll become a Microsoft Edge master in no time!

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