Microsoft Privacy Statement: important information you need to know

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The Microsoft Privacy Statement is a long read, that’s for sure. And many (many!) people just accept them without even reading it! However, you need to know certain things about it. Your data, your privacy, and your public exposure could be at risk here. Make sure to read this full article below.

What is the Microsoft Privacy Statement

The Microsoft Privacy Statement is, as it name describes, a statement that declares how Microsoft uses and processes your private and personal data. This includes every piece of information related to your Microsoft Account and internet activity when using sites, apps and others that support Microsoft Account.

In simpler terms, this statement lets you know how the company gathers, storages, processes and uses all your information. What sites you visit, for how long, and in what manner, including purchases and others. It also applies to your private information. This is your name and last name, social security number, age, address, email address, and even credit card number or bank and financial information if it is linked to your account!

If the information is a part of your account or you have used it when surfing the web through your Microsoft Account, this Statement applies to it. You get now why it is so important to know about this statement, right?

What does the Microsoft Privacy Statement includes

This statement includes:

What kind of data they gather from you. Whether you have submitted it in your profile or used it when doing several online activities. Though these might be protected by your privacy settings, keep in mind they could be being gathered by Microsoft to improve your user experience.

The way they use such data: As they state, they gather and use your information to improve your user experience. It can be to provide you with new products or updates, troubleshooting any issues, carry out purchases or transactions, and more.

They can also use your information without interacting with you. This means: use it to improve their products and services, advertise, personalize products and services, performing research, and more.

How they share your information: Though they are legally prohibited to share your personal information with third parties, they do can share it with their trusted partners. They can also share your information when required by the law.

Other information contained in the Microsoft Privacy Statement

This statement also contains other important information for you. This includes:

  • Their use of cookies and other technologies
  • Information about products provided by them
  • Information about your Microsoft Account and how they categorize it
  • Their security measurements to protect your information
  • The standard of action when dealing with legal issues
  • And much more

Do I have control over my data?

You do and you don’t. They gather any piece of information they see fit, and store for its later use. You can control what you share, submit or allow them to see/use. You can also request them to eliminate your personal information when allowed by the law.

What can I do to keep my information safe?

You can set your privacy settings to protect certain pieces of information. You can also decline providing personal or sensitive information, and not prove any data you wish to keep private and safe.

How can I learn more?

Visit the Microsoft Privacy Statement and read it in full, clicking here.

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