Microsoft Privacy Updates: make sure you are up-to-date with these terms

Microsoft Privacy Updates seem to happen with a higher regularity these days. Long agreements and lack of free time is a bad combination for this issue. Very few people read about these important (and legally-binding) online documents, without even realizing they might be infringing them. This could potentially mean a world of trouble for unaware users!

Make sure to read this article below. You need to know how to keep track of Microsoft Privacy Updates at all times – and we’ll show you all you need to know, right here.

Microsoft Privacy Updates

Privacy Policies are very important for the users of any Microsoft Product or Service. They rule the way you can access your Microsoft contents, and thy state your legal obligations to the company. They also show you your rights and how the law can protect and assist you. Even so, very few people actually take the time to read these terms in full, and just start using their contents.

Worst yet, if you do take the time to read these long policies in full, chances are they will only ‘keep’ for a short while. It is mandatory for them to update privacy policies regularly, and it seems this practice is getting even more frequent these days.

Back in 2016, Microsoft Privacy Updates happened 4 times, 3 of those with a short waiting period by the end of the year. 2017 surprised their users with 6 updates. And 2018 gave us another 6 updates – every few weeks.

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Now, by the time this article was written, the first half of 2019 came with a heavy-load of updates. Between the months of March and June, Microsoft has released one update per month! This means there are quite a few changes in the rules that are governing your relationship with the company. And, of course, your use of their products and services too…

How to keep track with these updates

Microsoft Privacy Updates are properly announced. When a new policy is up, it applies automatically from the moment it is posted in their website. So if you access your Microsoft Account, or use any Microsoft content, make sure to first check for their news and notifications. Visit the Privacy link at the end of each page – if there are new policies and you use their contents without knowing it, you are still under this legally-binding agreement!

If you have a Microsoft Account or are registered / Signed Up to any of the Microsoft product or services, you should also get an email letting you know about the update, and the date on which it will start taking effect. Make sure you read these important emails!

Please visit this link to know more about Microsoft Privacy Updates, their history, your rights, and your obligations when using Microsoft products and services.

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