Microsoft Support: how and where to get help, and more!

Microsoft Support is the place to be when it comes to finding answers to all your questions related to all and any of the Microsoft extensive offer – both products and services, and even contents, and more!

With a clean interface, this website invites you to find every piece of information you need. Right from the start you’ll find a text box where you can submit your inquiry by text. But there is an even simpler way to find the help you need: use the straight-forward buttons provided for each category!

What can I find help about?

Click or tap on the buttons to find great info and help from their main categories:

  • Windows (all versions, including apps, mixed reality, and more)
  • Office
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft accounts
  • Xbox
  • Microsoft Store
  • Surface devices
  • OneDrive general help
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Edge (one of the most visited ones!)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Hardware warranty (you’ll want to read this if you own any Microsoft products)

But those are just the most used menus. By clicking on the ‘View all Microsoft products’ link below, you’ll be able to find detailed info about these categories and more! This makes searching for information even easier, by allowing you to select the specific product or service you are seeking information about or help with, from a clean menu for each category.

Oh! And take note: there is a specific FAQ link in each of these main categories. Make sure to visit them first, you’ll probably find what you need easier than you ever expected!

What if I don’t find what I need?

Worry not, dear friend! Microsoft Support offers you an automated chat that could help you find what you need quicker. Still not finding it? One of their great Customer Support representatives will take over to help you!

You can also visit forums and ask the community for support. Nothing like getting help from people just like you! And your voice is heard too! Make sure to give your feedback using the little blue tag to the right of the screen, to share your opinions and ask them for improvements if you want to.

Is there more?

Yes! Microsoft Support offers specific help and support for Microsoft Business, In-store support, learning platforms, and a very convenient menu on how to install and set up all your Microsoft products and services. If you have a question, or you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to visit the Microsoft Support website, following this link.

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