Bing search engine: here to stay

Bing came around with plenty of surprises. With a witty name and tons of suspicions being whispered around it, this search engine seems to be here to stay – and to lead. Read this article below and learn more about this ‘new kid on the block’ that is quickly taking over their counterpart’s portion of the cake.

A brief history of Bing

Bing is a search engine created and operated by Microsoft. It has replaced MSN Search and Windows Live Search – even Live Search as the top search engine from this company. It is a strong competition for the world’s most popular search engine (Google), and it is showing great promise to lead the race in a very near future.

However, its arrival wasn’t without a little controversy. The name appeared for the first time back in 2009, reflecting Microsoft’s ‘new direction’ which, as they stated, was towards ‘the creation of a decision engine’. This simply means their creators have developed it in a way that can help you make important decisions faster, in a safer and more focused way, by providing you the exact information you need. They actually used this idea in an advertisement slogan: “Bing and decide”.

The name controversy

This is one of the internet’s greatest mysteries. The name Bing is, as it seems, an evocation of a carnival-type game winning sound. However, when the world first new abut this new search engine, controversy started. The word got around the world, suspecting the name meant “But It’s Not Google”. Soon Internet users from around the globe started creating their own theories about it. Brought In New Garbage. Be Innovative, Not Geeky. Big Investment, Not Goals.  And the list goes on and on.

From the company there aren’t clear statements regarding the name. So feel free to create your own theory about it!

The devil is in the details

Bing isn’t just different from other search engines by the way it functions. Its visual environment is quite special: a video or image updated daily, linked to useful information about the theme. When performing a search, the engine has a special feature called ‘instant answers’, that show you the most relevant information about your query – data, content, images, videos, keywords, or whatever it more appropriate. And the surprises keep appearing daily. You need to check it out!

You can access Bing using your Live ID or your Facebook account too. Learn more about Bing and start enjoying this great search engine following this link.

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