Microsoft Store Cart: digital shopping made easy!

The Microsoft Store Cart can truly help you make your digital purchases easy. With a simple layout and practical methodologies, this tool can be all you need to improve your digital life simple, and more fun! Read the article below to learn all you need to know to use the Microsoft Store Cart like a pro – in just a matter of minutes.

What is the Microsoft Store Cart

The Microsoft Store Cart is the name given to a very convenient Microsoft extension (or app). You can download it for free from the Microsoft Store using your Microsoft Account, and use it in up to 10 Windows 10 devices. Talk about syncing!

Using this tool you can create wish lists simply by selecting the button. Moving your items in the wish list to your basket is quite simple too! No more forgetting to buy that present or that app you needed!

There are tons of other perks too. You can keep track of your expenses and the prices of your items, to make sure you purchase each one at their best price.

Online Shop Shopping Cart Shopping Smartphone

Microsoft Shopping Cart availability

The Microsoft Shopping Cart has very few system requirements. Your device (laptop, computer, mobile and more) need to fulfill these simple requirements:

Operating system: Xbox One, Windows 10 ver. 10586.0 or higher.

Architecture: ARM, x64, x86

Touch: Integrated touch (ideally)

And you can use this great tool in HoloLens, PC, Mobile devices and Hub.

I want to use Microsoft Shopping Cart NOW!

Make sure you access your Microsoft Account and start shopping! Check all your Microsoft Store Cart contents following this link.

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