Microsoft Surface: Is this the tablet for me?


Microsoft Surface tablets are gaining more and more popularity. In such an extensive market of touchscreen personal computers, how can you find out if this is the one for you? Well, for starters, read this full article to get all the information you need. You have come to the exact right place!

What is Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft Surface is a touchscreen personal computer (or tablet) and interactive whiteboards. They run with Microsoft Windows operating system. These devices use Inter processors, and are compatible with Windows 10. The devices are manufactured by Pegatron Corporation, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company.

Furthermore, Surface is the whole line of personal computers developed by this company.

What are my options

There are currently six generations of hybrid tablets, or 2-in-1 detachable devices. These are the ones where you attach the tablet touchscreen to a separate keyboard, to use as a laptop computer.

The Surface line also offers and interactive whiteboard. This is a large display, similar in shape and size to a standard whiteboard that can be used as a touchscreen itself or can be connected to another device.

Microsoft Surface products and offers

The whole line is composed by several offers, including:

  • Microsoft Surface hybrid tablets with optional detachable accessories, including a stylus pen. Their screens start at 10.6-inch size.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro. Similar to the ones above. However these have reached and 8th generation Intel Core series processor.
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop. This is a more classical notebook with a 13.5-inch non-detachable screen. They are offered in Home and Pro editions too.
  • Microsoft Surface Book. This one is fun! It is a notebook with a detachable screen that can run independently. Its best buy includes getting a stylus pen, for easier use of this offer.
  • Microsoft Surface Studio. A 28-inch all-in-one desktop device. It is best used as a digital drafting table with its stylus pen. Even more, it is great for architects, designers, and many others.
  • Microsoft Surface Hub. A very cool interactive whiteboard. This large touchscreen can turn your regular meeting or presentation into a great event!
mail at abc@microsoft comhttps://www microsoft com/en-us/surface 

Technical information about Microsoft Surface devices

Are you wondering if the Microsoft Surface tablets are for you? Keep in mind the following to make an informed decision:

  • Screen size and type: 10.6-inch touchscreen display.
  • Built-in kickstand.
  • Optional keyboard/cover.
  • Optional stylus pen.
  • USB support.
  • Dual Wi-Fi antenna.
  • Processor: ARM available in 32 or 64 Gb of storage (Windows RT version). Ivy Bridge processor (Surface Pro, Windows 8 OS, twice the capacity of the RT version).

Are you still unsure? Visit Microsoft Surface’s website and visit the Help Me Choose link  to make sure you are choosing the best device for you! Follow this link to learn more about Microsoft Surface!

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