Microsoft 10 Xbox App Error – what to do now?

Keep getting a Microsoft 10 Xbox App Error and don’t know what to do? Know you are not alone in this. Many users have encounter this same problem. And Microsoft has responded to it, recommending the best solutions in multiple forums and platforms in the Microsoft Community. Read below to find out what you can do when encountering a Microsoft 10 Xbox App Error.

What to do when getting a Microsoft  10 Xbox App Error

First thing to do is not to panic. There are many (many!) forums online to get help from. Below you’ll find three great options you can try to find an answer to your Microsoft 10 Xbox App Error, that have helped many users solve their problem before.

Option 1

First options is the simplest one. Visit the Microsoft Store and check if there are any updates available for your Microsoft 10 Xbox. If any, then download and install every necessary update there. Restart your device and check if things have went back to normal now.

Option 2

Follow the recommended steps below to try and fix your App error:

  1. Click Start, then Settings, Then Apps
  2. In the Apps menu, go to Apps & Features.
  3. Scroll down till you find the Xbox section. Select this option.
  4. Open the Advanced options by clicking on them.
  5. Choose Reset.
  6. Restart your device to set these changes, and check if the Error keeps happening.

Option 3

If after restarting your device the problem is still there, here’s a second idea you can try:

  1. Open the MSConfig by typing msconfig in Cortana.
  2. In the MSConfing, select Services.
  3. Check if every Xbox-related tick is active, including Xbox Live Credential Manager, Xbox Game Services or Xbox Game Servers, and Xbox Services.
  4. Click on OK (or Apply, depending on your device) to set this configuration.
  5. Close, and restart your device.

If the error keeps occurring, please follow this link to find out more.

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