All you need to know about Microsoft Careers

Do you dram on getting that dream job for a giant in the industry? Then Microsoft Careers is just what you need. Ranked #43 in Glassodr’s ‘best places to work’ in 2019, Microsoft is certainly the host of thousands of dream jobs for people from all over the world. Always searching for the sharpest minds in the industry, the company created this convenient portal to allow everyone interested in getting a job position there to apply from any place in the whole world.

But being able to apply for a Microsoft job from any place in the world isn’t the only great thing about Microsoft Careers. The system actually eliminates the dreadful ‘resume getting lost in the mail’ deal, or being sent to a wrong department. It even makes it so much simpler to determine all your capabilities according to their offers and standards.

Microsoft Careers has a catching offer too: Do what you love, map your own future, be who you are and impact the world. Isn’t that the very description of a dream job?

How to get started in Microsoft Careers

First thing is to follow the link provided at the end of this article. Make sure you are logged into your Microsoft Account, that’ll make everything even quicker! Select your preferred language (by country) at the top-right corner of your screen.

Right from the start, you can search for jobs depending if you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate – or student. Below you can see all their main departments, to search for opening in each of them. And a friendly tip: use the menu above to discover all the perks that come with getting a job in Microsoft. You’ll be amazed!

How to improve your chances

If you want to improve your chances on getting your dream job using Microsoft Careers, make sure to read (and apply) all their recommendations. These include your latest accomplishments, strengths, specific skills for the position you are after, past projects and more. Using extracurricular and volunteer work will help, letting the company know more about what you are passionate about.

After submitting your resume, Microsoft Career’s recruiters will review it for openings and reach out to you if you are a strong match for it. And if you are still in training, or you are not the best candidate for their current openings, don’t worry about a thing. You can expand on your resume as you build it, and all your information will remain saved in their database to be considered for future openings.

Don’t wait one more second. Follow this link to visit the Microsoft Careers website and start building your dream future – today.

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