Microsoft Copyright: all you wanted to know, right here

The Microsoft Copyright site might be your best source of information related to rights of use of many of the contents you have been interacting with almost your whole life! This is an important piece of information you’ll want to be aware about. Make sure to read this short article below, and be safe!

What you’ll find in the Microsoft Copyright site

Simply put, you’ll find the best information related to your rights and rules in regards of Microsoft products, services and contents. This informational site is comprehensive and very easy to navigate – however, the key word here is “informational”. Though contents exhibited are of a legal nature, this isn’t a legal advice. Use this for your education and information only!

Note copyright laws apply to all and any use, view or interaction with the protected contents. These can include software, books, video games, images, videos, music, and more. These rules and laws may vary in different countries, however they apply to you anyway – with some little restrictions when the country laws allow so.

What you’ll find here

Visit the Microsoft Copyright site following the link provided at the end of this short article to discover:

  • Which copyright laws and rules apply to your own interactions;
  • Which contents are protected by those;
  • Fair use, loyalty free, and other copyright restrictions;
  • What would be considered as a copyright law infringement, and its consequences;
  • How to find free-to-use contents;
  • And much more!

What to do

Before using, posting or interacting with any Microsoft Copyright protected contents, make sure to read this disclaimer. Follow this link here and find out more, to make sure you are being compliant and safe!

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