Microsoft Developer 3D Partners: how to choose the best for you

Microsoft Developer 3D Partners can be a bit overwhelming if you are not sure what you are looking for. Right from the start, and right there on your screen, you can see a wide variety of 3D printers to choose from. But… how to make sure you are making the best investment? We have the answer you need – And all you need to do is read this article below!

What is 3D Partners

Microsoft 3D Partners includes both software and hardware from this well-known company, to solve all your 3D printing needs.

With 3D software partners you can learn and choose the best software for your projects and needs, including Adobe Photoshop to render your 3D models, and Siemens Solid Edge to take your 3D designs a few steps beyond. Each of these two programs comes with their own features and solutions, and they both can run smoothly with Windows 10 in your device. Learn more about these tools following this link.

On the other hand, the Microsoft 3D Partners exhibits all your best 3D printing solutions, designed to solve each of their user’s needs. Read below and find out more.

Microsoft Developer 3D Partners

Microsoft Developer 3D Partners offers a great variety of 3D printers from their list of trusted partners, including 3D printing apps and devices running with Windows 10. There are currently 20 options for you to choose from. But first, you have to determine your goals in regards to your 3D printing needs.

The list is displayed by Partner, as you can see below:

XYZ Printing is the partner with the most options in this list. Their Da Vinci series includes options for home and for work, with Pro versions, Junior versions and more. All their 3D printers run with 100 microns/layer, and their build volume runs from 5,9 to 7,8 inches.

Monoprice is a simple yet highly efficient 3D printer, ideal for work and for your home workshop. Their Select Mini model has a buold volume of  4,7×4,7×4,7 inches, and a resolution of  87 microns/layer.

Printrbot shows, in this trusted partners list, 3 great options. Their Simple model has a build volume of 6x6x6 inches and a resolution of  100 microns/layer, while their Play model has a build volume of 4x4x5 inches and a resolution of 50 microns/layer. Their third model is the Plus model, with a build volume of 10x10x10 inches and a resolution of 50 microns/layer with auto calibration.

3D Systems could be your best option for building great 3D models at home or at your office, with precise shapes and sturdy structures. Their Cube 3 model has a build volume of 6x6x6 in and a resolution of 70 microns/layer.

Dremel is the choice for you to build great quality designs. Their 3D Idea Builder has a build volume of  9×5,9×5,5 in and a resolution of  100 microns/layer.

Finally, Prusa Research offers you their i3 Mk2 model, which has a build volume of 9,84×8,3×8 inches, and resolution of 50 microns/layer. This could be your choice to build high end 3D models for all your needs! Find out more about the features and characteristics of each of these models included in the Microsoft Developer 3D Partners list following this link.

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