What is Microsoft Developer and what you can accomplish with it

Microsoft Developer, also known as MSDN, is Microsoft’s option for managing its relationships with both developers and tests – for both hardware and software. In simpler terms, Microsoft Developers is the link between the company and all you need to take your development efforts to the next level!

Through a very easy-to-navigate website, Microsoft Developer allows coders, testers and developers to get all sort of useful resources and even support through help desks and forums. In such site you’ll find the tools you need to create, design or improve websites, emails and newsletters, programs, and much more.

How to navigate Microsoft Developer

Right from start, you’ll find 4 main categories: Windows, Azure, Visual Studio and Office. Click on one of those buttons to be taken almost by hand through a very simple guide tour, helping you know all you need to know to make your project a success.

On the Windows tab you’ll find resources, tools and great tips to build desktop applications targeted on PCs that run on Windows OS, including the Universal Windows Platform, .NET, Windows API and more. You’ll find great apps resources too, including virtual reality and mixed reality to improve your target audience’s engagement with your design. You’ll also find special tabs for Xbox and Surface Hub. Just click on your preferred option, and prepare to see your business grow!

On the Azure tab you’ll find over 100 tools and resources to create great projects, including a ‘hybrid cloud’ and smart apps options. Surf through the options and discover a new world of possibilities for you.

On the Visual Studio tab you’ll find all sorts of useful and cool tools and resources for design, edit and improve apps, websites, and all your dream projects!

Finally, on the Office tab you’ll find all types of solutions you might need to make the most out of your Office 365 plan.

What else can I find on Microsoft Developer?

True to its common ways, Microsoft Developer offers a very simple interface with crystal-clear instructions to help you find all you need. These tips, data and tools relate to:

  • Mobile tools
  • Windows Apps
  • PC/Desktop tools
  • Cloud
  • Web/ASP.NET
  • Games
  • Mixed reality
  • Bots
  • Office complements
  • SharePoint
  • Skype tools
  • Microsoft Graphs
  • .NET
  • C++
  • Java
  • NodeJS
  • Phyton
  • TypeScript
  • Dynamics365

Where can I find out more?

As simple as clicking or tapping! You can learn more about Microsoft Developer following this link.

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