Microsoft Edge and Cortana aren’t working: what to do now?

What to do when Microsoft Edge and Cortana aren’t working? Where to get help? Relax, take a deep breath, and read this article to find out all you need to know to make things run smoothly on your devices once more.

A common problem… or so it seems

Multiple users have contacted support desks all over the Internet trying to find an answer to a problem that appears to be quite common. The issue repeats constantly: Microsoft Edge and Cortana aren’t working. What’s the problem?

Well, as it happens, there can be a number of reasons to consider here. Many users have reported one same reaction when trying to access either Microsoft Egde or the Cortana service: a wrong URL in the address bar, and a sudden crash in both systems. Other users simply report the systems just stop working and freezing up suddenly. And what do the help reps recommend for this? Well, find out right below…

Microsoft Edge and Cortana aren’t working, what shall I do?

As a first step to prevent this from happening, the Microsoft Help Desk reps are recommending users to keep firewalls updated. Also, they remind users to use the same systems provided by Microsoft, since most times downloading and installing third party antimalware, antivirus or other protection software can cause issues in the system, and even install other threats to your device’s security.

As a result, they recommend a fixing measure. This is to disable and optimally uninstall this third party antimalware system. This also applies to any other third party software or app you might have installed right before Microsoft Edge or Cortana started showing problems and malfunctions.

And then?

Make sure to update and run your security system, including Microsoft’s firewall and antivirus. Perform a full search, trying to find whatever might be causing this problem. Apply the recommended fixes for each problem the systems might find. Finally, restart your computer. Check to determine if Microsoft Edge and Cortana aren’t working still, and make sure to consult the Microsoft Community website if they still don’t. Find out more following this link.

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