Show your Microsoft Pride!

Microsoft Pride involves a change towards inclusion and respect for all people of this great world! Click here, read this shot article, and discover how to support the LGBTQI+ community and show your Pride with all your devices, in a fun and creative way!

What is Pride

Perhaps if you have been living in a cave, in a deserted island far away, you might be still unsure about what Pride is. Now we are not talking about the actual definition of the word, but the wonderful celebration of diversity and love originated by the LGBT+ community, and that is now celebrated all over the world.

Pride celebrations actually started as a response to a police raid back in 1969. The riot took place in the Stonewall Inn, a common gathering point of members of the LGBT+ community back then. This place and many others of a same nature were monitored by the police, suspected to be the origin of ‘transgressive behaviors’. These would include Drag clothing, or any other clothing out of the ‘social commonly accepted rules’ (AKA, at least 3 pieces of clothing) were just one of the behaviors considered as dangerous to the local forces of authority.

Microsoft Pride actions

Over the last 50 years after Stonewall, Microsoft makes its voice heard all over the world with Microsoft Pride. This site displays the latest news and events featuring sexual diversity and respect for all others as the main event. And the giant company truly has a deep voice here!

Back in 1989 Microsoft introduced sexual orientation and non-discrimination policies applicable to all its employees and staff. The company has attained a 100 score on the HRC Corporate Equality Index for no less than 14 years! Pus the company takes strong actions towards the inclusion and application of legal protection for all members of the LGBTQI+ community.

How can I get Microsoft Pride offers

Just make sure to follow the link provided at the end of this article. You’ll get access to all the news, easy ways to cooperate with the LGBTQI+ community through non-profit organizations from the US, the UK, Canada and Australia too. Plus, you’ll get first hand access to limited-edition Pride products, designed by and for the whole community to show their Pride.

Don’t be left out of Microsoft Pride! Make sure to follow this link and discover how to make your own voice heard too. Feel the pride!

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