All you need to know about Microsoft Products Licensing

Microsoft Products Licensing policies are all the terms and rules that detail your rights and limitations in regards of your use and access to all and any of the Microsoft Products and contents. That is why it is truly important for you to know exactly what is expected of you, and to make sure you are being compliant to these terms! Note the infraction of these policies might end up in a world of trouble (including legal) for you. Read this article below and learn more about these important rules you are expected to follow!

Microsoft Products Licensing: all you need to know about them

Microsoft Products Licensing is the practice by which Microsoft determines the terms and conditions that rule over your use and/or access to Microsoft’s products or online services. These programs, called the Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, apply with each and all of your uses and accesses of all and any of Microsoft products, services, and contents.

These are legally binding contracts you assume with the company. And you might not even be aware of this! Just by accessing a Microsoft webpage and surfing through its contents, you are accepting these terms. Thus, you are legally bonded to this contract. That s why it is of such great importance for you to know what you are expected to do, or how you are expected to act, in regards of Microsoft products, services, and online contents.

Where to get information

When you access any Microsoft webpage or product (such as a software you open up in your computer) you can easily find a link that leads you to the Terms of Use policy. As soon as you open up the program or access the webpage, you need to go straight to the terms page to read them in full. If you don’ agree with any of such terms, close the program and/or leave the page. If you perform any other action, you are accepting these terms!

Microsoft Terms of Use are available in multiple languages, and are designed to be legally allowed in many jurisdictions worldwide. There might be clauses that don’t apply to you according to the local laws, so make sure to read these terms in full.

Other Licensing things you need to know

Besides Microsoft Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, there are other licensing deals you need to be aware about. These include, but are not limited by:

  • Online Service Terms: Otherwise known as “OST”, these terms detail how you can use an online service covered by a Microsoft Volume Licensing program. These are updated monthly.
  • Services Provider Use Rights: Otherwise known as “SPUR”, these terms detail how products you have got through the Microsoft Services provider License Agreement (SPLA) can and may be used. These are updated quarterly.
  • Service Legal Agreements for Microsoft Online Services: Otherwise known as “SLA”, these describe Microsoft’s commitment for uptime and connectivity for Microsoft Online Services, such as Office 365, Intune, Dynamics and Azure.
  • ISV EULAs and Product List: The Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV) End User License Agreements (EULAs) and Product List gives you details regarding the availability, discontinuations, migration paths, and use of software you might have got through a Microsoft Independent Software Vendor Royalty license program. These are updated quarterly.

Remember: these terms rule all your actions both online and offline in connection to any Microsoft product, service and/or content.

Make sure to read Microsoft Products Licensing details in full following this link here.

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