The best deals for your Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Essentials Bundle

Getting a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Essentials Bundle could be the best idea for your business or projects. State of the art technology merges with convenience with these offers. And the result? Improvement for your plans, and your whole life made easier! Read this article to find out more about how to get the best deals for your Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Essentials Bundle.

What are Surface Pro 6 Essentials

The Essentials are, as their name states, the best and most necessary complements for your device, in order to make all your plans and projects move forward in record time. Microsoft offers great combo deals – these ‘bundles’ are packs designed to work together on your behalf, and to your best benefit. And when it comes to Surface Pro 6, you have plenty of options!

Following the link provided at the end of this short article you’ll be able to choose your best alternatives. Yes, just what you read! The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Essentials Bundle can be completely customized according to your needs (and your ‘wants’ to!). So don’t miss another minute and click below to know Microsoft’s best offers for the month!

How to compose your own bundle

Though you can place your order for a sort of ‘standard bundle’, it is best to customize your order. You’ll have many options here:

  • Choose your Surface Pro 6: at the moment this article was written, there are 8 great options to choose your very own Microsoft Surface Pro 6. From 128 GB to 1Tb of memory. Intel Core i5 to i7. 8 to 16 Gb RAM. And you can choose different colors too!
  • Choose your type cover: Platinum, English, Cobalt blue and Burgundy are your options here. And they all look amazing!
  • Choose your Office Pack: You can select Home or Personal Office 365 for up to 6 users, and they all offer 1Tb OneDrive cloud storage to keep all your files at hand, everywhere!
  • Choose your accessories: Complete your customized bundle with a headphone, a pen, a mouse, a sleeve, a magnetic folio case, a dial, ports and HMDI adapters and even privacy screen protectors! All of these are optional, and you get several models and colors to choose from.
  • Oh! And just as an extra perk, all your Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Essentials Bundle come with Microsoft Complete for Surface Pro, with Accidental Damage Coverage, an extended protection for your device for up to 2 years!

Get more info and your best options for Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Essentials Bundle following this link.

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