How do Microsoft Terms of Use affect your everyday life?

Have you ever read the Microsoft Terms of Use? Almost nobody does. But there are important things you need to know. Read this and make sure you are being compliant with their terms when using and accessing any and all of the Microsoft Products and Services!

You are being legally bonded by these terms of use

First thing to know is you don’t actually need to sign any paper or tick any check box to be legally bonded by Microsoft Terms of Use. Just by accessing their services, using their products, even navigating their web pages you are accepting them… without even realizing it!

These Terms of Use determine the way you can use and access all of their products and services. They also state the ways you can use, view and share their contents – and that’s really a lot. By not reading their Terms of Use you might be unaware of your limitations, thus you can be considered in infraction of their rules. And that, dear reader, might end up in very annoying, very expensive legal actions that could affect your everyday life. Not to mention your finances!

What do the Microsoft Terms of Use state?

This somehow long and apparently boring document the rules you need to follow when accessing and/or using any and all of the Microsoft products, services and contents. Following the link provided below you’ll find:

  • The acceptance and description of these terms of use,
  • Your limitations and privacy protection mechanics put in place,
  • Your available use of their software, documents, services and contents,
  • The probable outcomes of your violation of these terms
  • The probable outcomes of your infringement of these or any other rules in place,
  • What might happen if you submit any contents and then claim your legal rights over them,
  • The links and actions from third party sites and companies,
  • And more!

All of these rules apply right from the first second you close that little window notification, or just start using or surfing their site – no matter if you have read these terms or not. You are being ruled by these terms, so you might as well learn what you can and can’t do when using any of their services, contents and products! So make a nice cup of coffee, find a quiet place, set a few minutes (hours?) aside and make sure to read the full Microsoft Terms of Use following this link.

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