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When wi-fi is down we all rush to our phones to stay connected with our social media and read the news, but… what about if you have some work to do using your computer, but internet is still down? Then the Mobile Plans app is just what you need. Read this article below and find out more!

What is Mobile Plans app

The Mobile Plans app is an app that allows you to add your computer to your mobile operator account, in order for you to access the data plan of your phone service with your PC, laptop, tablet or other device. This will allow you to access the Internet and stay connected even when Wi-Fi is down!

But there’s more than that with this great app. It also allows you to manage all your devices and even your bill options from any connected device. When you need to access the internet with your computer but you are out, when Wi-Fi is down or even when power is out and you need to work from your laptop, this app will make sure you stay connected to the whole world.

How to use it

First thing is to get the Mobile Plans app here.

To use Mobile Plans app you need a PC, laptop or tablet with Windows 10 (version 1803) and both an embedded SIM card (eSIM or supported SIM) and a cellular modem. Using your phone, make sure you are connected to your data plan. On your device, go to your Networks option, select a Wi-Fi network, and follow the instructions to connect. Go back to Networks, then access the Get Connected option underneath the cellular network name, and select Connect with a data plan choosing your phone’s network name.

Access the Mobile Plans app, and choose Connect to your device using your phone number. Afterwards choose the Find my mobile operator according to your data plan. If the screen isn’t showing you these options, choose the ‘Select a mobile operator to get online now’ option, choose a mobile operator, and click Continue to choose a plan, following the instructions on screen.

What now?

After setting your connection, click the Network icon on your device, choose the cellular connection from the list, and follow any instructions that will appear on the screen.

If you have any more questions regarding your plan, your devices or the app, please make sure to visit this link here and get all the answers you need.

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