MSIX Packaging Tool: improve your packaging game!

The MSIX Packaging Tool enables you to repackage your classic apps to the MSIX format. This tools also allows you to run all your desktop installers. And, by doing so, you’ll obtain an MSIX package you can install on your machine – Or even upload to the Microsoft Store! Read this short article below to find out more.

MSIX what now?

MSIX is the Windows Package format. The perks of his file format is that it preserves the functionality of an existing app package, and even allows installing files and enabling new and modern packaging and features to Win32, WPF and WinForm apps.

What are the advantages of the MSIX Packaging Tool

The MSIX Packaginf Tool provides, and they promise, ‘a modern packaging experience to all Windows apps’ whether they are new ones or oldies. It streamlines the packaging experience and offers the user an interactive interface to convert and package Windows apps.

The MSIX Packaging Tools are platform independent, thanks to the open source MSIX SDK. The MISX SDK provides all of the APIs needed for the verification, validation and unpacking of any app on any platform on use.

What do I need to run the MSIX Packaging Tool app

You need to have a compuer that runs with Windows 10, version 1809 or later. You are also required to have participation in the Windows Insider program if you are using an Insider build for your design. Then, yopu’ll need to have your own valid Microsoft Account o be able to access the app from the Microsoft Store.

With those in check, just visit the Microsoft store and get this great tool following this link right now and enjoy all the new features and a world of possibilities to take your business to the next level. Go now!

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