MSN Weather Today: the best forecast platform online

Want to learn the MSN Weather Today? Then make sure to read this short article below and discover all you can get from this great platform. Move away your world’s frontiers and explore the climate of any part of this great world, right from the comfort of your living room!

All about MSN Weather Today

Are you one of those who carry a coat all day long because you missed the forecast in the news and didn’t know it would be a really sunny day? Is your umbrella at home and you are in the office, watching the rain from the window? Make all those situations a thing of the past checking MSN Weather Today before leaving home, and be prepared for the day ahead!

MSN Weather Today is a comprehensive, clean and easy-to-read climate and forecast platform you’ll love to check before leaving your home by the morning. With only a glimpse at your screen you’ll get detailed information about the current weather and climate in your preferred city – all over the world too!

What you can see in there

Consult the MSN Weather Today platform daily before leaving home to have the best forecast and climate report for your day ahead, including:

  • Current weather, including the temperature (set in °F or °C for your convenience),
  • Weather conditions including a graphic display behind the information,
  • Visibility range, for your safety while driving,
  • Current wind speed and direction,
  • Current humidity and dew point,
  • A simple yet specific barometer to check the atmosphere pressure.

But that’s not all…

You’ll also get a great reading of the forecast for the day, hour by hour. Or, just click on the option to get an extensive report for the day, including sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset exact hours, the current moon phase, the UV index to protect yourself from skin damage, and much more!

Plus, click the day of the week you desire to know more about in MSN Weather Today, and get a great forecast to prepare your luggage planning ahead. It can’t be simpler than this! Best thing is all this data is coming from a respectable source. It is no less than Foreca, one of the world leaders in climate and weather reports and forecast.

Choose your city!

Travelling soon? Make sure to consult the climate forecast for your destination a week ahead to prepare your luggage in MSN Weather Today. Click on the search icon at the top-left corner of the platform and submit your desired city or town. You can sign in your account to save your searches and set your location for a faster weather consultation each day.

Make sure to bookmark the MSN Weather Today webpage to get all the data you need right before leaving home each morning! Follow this link to access the MSN Weather Today platform, and have fun discovering climates and forecasts from any part of the world.

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