Network adapter driver Windows 10 – what to do

One of the most common complaints about Windows 10 is, no doubt about it, your device crashing or disconnecting for no reason whatsoever. Wireless connections running on Windows 10 can drive users insane! Fortunately, the solution you need is right here. Read on!

Wi-Fi is driving you crazy?

When encountering issues with your Wi-Fi connection, the first thing you need to do is check your drivers. Well, first thing would be to make super sure you have good service and you are located at the best coverage area. And then, check your drivers and update whatever is needed at the moment.

Type your device manager in the search box located next to the Start button. Select Device manager from the results list. Then go to Network adapters, choosing the network adapter name in there.

Then, press and hold or right-click the network adapter name. Select the option Update driver, asking for Windows 10 to perform an automatic search to update your driver software. Follow the steps on the screen to install the driver, and restart your device.

If you need a little extra help updating your drivers, follow this link here and press the big blue button below to check your drivers in Windows 10.

That didn’t work. Now what?

Updating drivers didn’t gave you the solution you need? Make sure to check this link here to make sure you are performing the right steps to your particular situation. You’ll find every answer to the most common issues there – the easy way.

And, if everything fails…

Bing to the rescue!

Being a “decision engine”, Bing can offer the help you need in the easiest way possible. Follow this link and find out the best search results you need to update your network adapter driver Windows 10 ans much more!

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