Night Light Windows 2010: how to get this cute app

Setting your Night Light Windows 2010 app is simple, and it can be of great help for almost anyone. Particularly, parents of babies and toddlers will very much enjoy this app! Turn your screen into a soothing and entertaining source with this great app, free for you to get. Read more in the short article below.

What is Night Light

Night Light is a very cute app you can install on your computer, table, laptop of even smartphone. Upon configuring your settings, this feature will display a subtle light source which can also work as a baby light or a night light.

Some of its other features include:

  • Clock display
  • Sleep timer
  • Photo slide show
  • Animated screens – including its latest, a snow animation
  • And more!

System requirements and useful data

You can get this great app from its own website or from the Microsoft Store, here. Note you need a Windows 8 or later running device (supports x86, x64, ARM and ARM64) with internet connection. Plus, there are two things you should take under consideration:

  • This app consumes battery, so be aware of the juice in your device, and use a cable power connection when appropriate; and 
  • This app has been classified with the E (Everybody) categorie, though is also displays a Photosensitive Seizure Warning. Read more here.

How much does this app costs?

This app is free to get from the Microsoft Store, and it doesn’t run ads either!

Make sure to follow this link now and see much more about Night Light Windows 2010.

A special note:

Many of our dear friends wrote to us about this topic, asking to learn more about the night time feature on Windows 10. Please follow this link here to get that information!

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