How to set up the Night time in Windows 10

Setting your Night time in Windows 10 is not only simple, but also truly convenient. And it is even healthy! By using this great feature you’ll help your mind prepare for nighttime, to get a better sleep and recharge your body’s energy by night. Read this short article here and discover all you can do with this great tool!

Why to set up a night time in Windows 10

Your device emits what is known as ‘blue light’. This is a very common type of light we all see during the day. However by night it prevents us to unwinds and relax, affecting our sleep patterns and even our brain activity.

To help fight this blue light effect back, Windows 10 offers a very cool feature called Night time. This tool will make your device display warmer colors and less brightness/intensity during the night time, making your whole user experience easier to your eyes and mind.

How to set Night Time in Windows 10 up

Just follow this simple steps to turn on your night time in Windows 10, whenever able:

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Go to System.
  3. In System, go to Display.
  4. In Display, go to Night light settings. Note: If your night time light toggle isn’t active and it is showing in gray, you might need to update your display driver.
  5. Go to the Schedule option to set the time you wish the Night time feature to be activated automatically – and the time you wish for it to be turned off too! Note there are some settings in there, such as Sunset to sunrise, that will be based upon your device’s location to mark the starting and ending points of your own night time.
  6. Save your changes and restart if needed.

That’s all you need!

Follow these steps and you night time in Windows 10 will help you get a better night of sleep – every night.

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