Cortana not hearing me at Windows 2010: what to do

mail at abc@microsoft comhttps://support microsoft com/en-us/help/4468233/cortana-and-privacy-microsoft-privacy

Hey guys, Cortana not hearing me at Windows 2010. What can I do to fix it?”. This is just one of the many (many) messages we got over the last few days, involving the Cortana service and a very common complaint.

Windows 10 recent updates have messed up several services in computers and devices all over. One of them is making Cortana use up much of your CPU and memory. And the other one is Cortana not recognising voice commands or sounds at all. What to do? 

The Updates mess

Many users and even experts are recommending to remove Windows 10 recent updates in order to fix many of the Cortana service issues. Many others, on the other hand, are actually recommending against it, while keeping your device fully updates to fix the issue.

The truth is… we just can’t say for sure. Both answers seem to provide answers and fix the issue – at least eventually. So it is truly up to you – and don’t forget to leave us your comment, letting us and all readers know of your results!

Nos, to the topic in hand today… Cortana not hearing me at Windows 2010. What can you do? Read below and find out.

What to do when Cortana is not hearing you

We need to say this, though many might feel a bit… upset by this. The first thing you need to check is if your microsoft in actually on and unmuted. Go to the System Configuration, go to the Microphone options, and check its functioning, volume, and configuration. 

You can also open up the Cortana settings and use the provided link above to check your microphone. Once sure your microphone is up and running, follow the tips below to fix your Cortana issue.

mail at abc@microsoft comhttps://support microsoft com/en-us/help/4468233/cortana-and-privacy-microsoft-privacy

The “Hey Cortana” feature (voice recognition) is disabled by default. To activate it open Cortana, switch the option to the right and make sure the feature is enabled. Test your microphone again if you really want to be sure. Although, keep in mind keeping the “Hey Cortana” feature activated will use more battery and CPU.

This didn’t fix the issue

If Cortana keeps malfunctioning, try opening a session using a new Microsoft Account. Test the Cortana Service then. If the issue isn’t solved, make sure to follow this link to learn more about the Cortana service and how to fix common issues.

Bing to the rescue!

As always, when in need of more information and great tools, we recommend trusting in the great services provided by Bing. This decision engine will give you the most related and accurate search results – always.

Follow this link and find out much, much more about Cortana and troubleshooting this service with the best search results.

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