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Looking for interesting information about the United States and its political configuration and geography? Then what you need to check is the great information about US State at Wikipedia. Read this short article below to discover the baseline for your next school report, and where to get the exact information you are looking for.

The country, the land, the divisions

A State is a constituent political entity with the United States territory. Currently there are 50 states in the country, which unite in a complete political union with governmental jurisdiction nor federal government.

Each state is divided into countries (not to be confused with the whole country or Nation). Furthermore, each state has its own governmental authority, or local government. Just as the federal or nation-wide governmental system, each state government is divided into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial.

The US State at Wikipedia: full list

Wikipedia is one of the largest sources of free-access information in the Internet. You can easily find great information about each and every state, country and town in there. For easy access, use the following list to get great information about each US State at Wikipedia:

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Need more info about US State at Wikipedia? Afterwards, make sure to follow this link. Discover much more about the United States geography and the US State at Wikipedia.

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