Speech, voice activation, inking, typing and privacy – what you need to know

Speech, voice activation, inking, typing and privacy disclaimer might be a long read, but it is for sure an important one. Next time you have a little bit of time –maybe while commuting- make sure to read this doc. And, as always, get the best brief of all you need to know, right here. Read on!

What are the speech, voice activation, inking, typing and privacy terms

The speech, voice activation, inking, typing and privacy is a disclaimer regarding your rights and obligations when using these great services. They explain all you can do with them, and how are you expected to do so. And, of course, they also explain how your privacy is protected when using these services, and how they’ll be using your data.

Follow the link provided below to get the full document, divided into 3 categories: Sppech, Voice activation, and Inking & Typing. Read below to find out more.

What will you find here

Data, information, rules and settings configurations provided here will be presented divided into 3 main categories:


You’ll find details your privacy settings and other rules when accessing and using the speech recognition feature, both on your device and cloud-based, where Cortana (or others) are available. It involves other platforms and services too, such as Mixed Reality Portal, HoloLens, dictations in Windows, Store apps, and more.

Voice Activation

Find the supported apps the support this feature, how to set permissions, how to set the feature up in your devices, and more. Learn how your data is collected and used, and other privacy terms and conditions. These include how the voice activation for Cortana (or others) might be still running with your device locked!

Inking & Typing

Discover all your personalization options for this feature. Learn how they can collect and use your data, including search history, and how your devices will allow you to use this service. You’ll also find the dictionaries integrated, languages supported, and much more.

Where to get more info?

Read the full speech, voice activation, inking, typing and privacy terms at your earliest convenience! These are important pieces of information. Please make sure to follow this link here and get all the data you need to know!

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