App and Browser Control: all you need to know

App and Browser Control is the tool you need to stop security risks before they even happen – that’s right! In this article you’ll find how to implement this great helping too to your device, to keep risks at bay and out – for good. Read on!

What is the App and Browser Control

App Browser Control is a security tool designed to prevent security risks before they happen. It is a part of Windows Defender Smart Screen, the security system we got to know with the Windows 10 Operating System.

This tool works in a simple and highly effective way: it scans apps, files, websites and downloads for potentially dangerous contents and/or activities. This could include any kind of malware, viruses, and online threats. This way, the tool prevents the file from opening, the app from running, or the threat to actually get to your contents and data. Cool!

How to get it to run

Open the Start menu and search for Windows Security – You can also type Windows Security in Cortana for easy finding it. In the Windows Security settings, click to open the App & Browser settings, and set your preferences for this tool to work.

With this great tools you can, for example, prevent files from opening or apps from running by blocking them, or set the tool to issue a warning message when detecting potentially dangerous activities in your device. Same settings can be set to run with your Microsoft Edge, preventing potentially dangerous downloads and actions. Plus, App and Browser control will also protect you while surfing in the Microsoft Store, and any kind of website. That is convenient!

What about web browsing?

They have thought of everything when creating the App and Browser Control. Scroll down and open the Isolated browsing option below, to open the options window for all your Microsoft Edge internet browsing. In order to do so, first you need to click on the link to Install Windows Defender Application Guard. And that’s it: the tool will protect you while web surfing and browsing – at all times.

I want to learn more about it…

Then all you need to do is to follow this link here and enjoy a short video introduction, then surf through all contents to know more about your device’s and online protection tools, available with Windows 10.

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