What’s my IP Address? Find out right here

There’s a quite common search found in multiple search engines from around the globe. That is a simple question, yet many don’t have a clue about, or how to get their answer. What’s my IP Address? What do I need it for? Does this IP change? Find out all you need to know right here, in this short article below.

What is an IP address?

An IP address is the digital ‘location’ of any internet-connected device. It allows the device to communicate with other devices and services remotely, the same way you home address allows you to send out and receive postal mail.

Different types of IP addresses

The most common type of IP address is known as the version 4, commonly known as IPv4. IPv4 is composed by four groups of numbers separated by dots, such as 111.222.333.444 (amount of numbers will vary, and they can range from 0 to 255). Currently the trend is to move forward from the IPv4 to a IPv6. As a result, there is a better accommodation to the enormous surge of new websites and internet-connected devices appearing each day around the world.

What’s my IP address?

There are many ways to determine your IP address.

Searching your IP address from your device. Open the Command Prompt in your computer or device by searching cmd (either in your search box or your Cortana service). Then type ipconfig and press Enter. You’ll get a list of numbers, including your IP address.

Searching your IP address from a web service. Many web services will show your IP address automatically. For example, if you open up an Internet speed/connection status service online, it will automatically show your IP address.

Searching your IP address online. Currently there are thousands of sites offering this service – for free. Just search “What’s my IP address?” on any search engine and you’ll find all your options!

Ask the Community! Of course the Microsoft Community can help you as well.  Follow this link and find out how to know your IP address and many other useful tips from users and experts!

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