Urban Dictionary: the right meaning to all you hear

Tell me if you have been in this situation. You are in the office, or at a bar. You are talking with friends, and suddenly one of them say something odd. It almost doesn’t make any sense to you. But everyone else burst into laughter… what the heck did that phrase meant?

The answer is right here. Discover the Urban Dictionary, and find out the colloquial meaning of all those phrases you hear out there. You’ll never again miss out on another chat – ever again!!

What is the Urban Dictionary

The Urban Dictionary is a website devoted to provide with meaning to popular and colloquial phrases and words. This is an open online dictionary with millions of useful definitions. The site is written by visitors and cooperators. This means everyone is welcome to input definitions to all sorts of popular phrases and words! But don’t worry about anything: the definitions are also edited by voluntary editors, making sure all terms and phrases are proper and respectful.

In a more specific definition, Urban Dictionary is a crowdsource online dictionary for slang. It runs through the “Define Your Word” mode. This allows users to submit definitions to words and phrases not commonly found in conventional dictionaries. Whenever hearing a phrase you have never heard before, don’t hesitate and check it out in this fun website!

How to use the Urban Dictionary

Use the menu on top to find works and catch phrases by letter or by special characters. These include quotation marks, at signs, numbers, and much more! Just click on the chosen letter or sign, and surf through the lists.

You can also find definitions by category. Currently, categories include:

  • College
  • Drugs
  • Food
  • Internet
  • Music
  • Names
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Sports
  • Work

This is too hard. How can I find a specific term?

To find a specific word or term, just search the term of phrase you want using the search box on top. You can get your results in a random mode or by definition. And you can be a part too! When finding a term, you need to create and access your account to vote the most adequate definition. This will help other users to find exactly what they need!

Create your account at Urban Dictionary

Creating your account in the Urban Dictionary website is free and open. Any person from any place in the world can be a part of this fun community!

Just make sure to follow this link and find out much more about Urban Dictionary, how to be a part of it, and get all you want to know. Don’t forget to visit their store too!

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