Microsoft License Terms: what are they and why you should know them

Microsoft License Terms are all the rules that apply to your actions in regards of Microsoft products, services and contents. And what does this mean? It means you can get into some trouble if you aren’t aware of these rules while accessing pages, programs or using products and services from this company. Read this article and learn all you need to know to be safe!

What are the Microsoft License Terms

The Microsoft License Terms is an agreement between you and the Microsoft Company, and they apply to all of this company’s products, programs, services and contents. They also apply to new versions and updates of those, new and existing services, support services and more. In simpler terms: all you do with any of the Microsoft property should be in obedience of these terms… even if you aren’t aware of this!

It is important to note these rules apply from the moment you access a Microsoft website or content or start using a program or service from this company. You don’t need to sign anything. You don’t need to give express permission or agree with these terms. You are ruled by them just by accessing to these contents on.

What if I don’t agree with these terms?

Avery time you access a website, content, service or product, you should click on the Terms link and read the documents in full – even if you have read them before, since there might be updates. If you don’t agree with these terms, you should just exit the page, the content, or close the program or product. You just can’t use or access to these contents in disagreement of their rules; all your actions will be ruled by the Microsoft License Terms anyway.

How can I know these terms

You can access to the Microsoft License Terms by using the link provided below. This will lead you to a page where you can determine how you acquired the software you are inquiring about, then select the specific product and version, and your preferred language. You’ll then be able to read the full document, and get answers to all questions you might have about them.

Learn Microsoft License Terms and find out more on what is expected of you when accessing and/or using Microsoft products and contents following this link.

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